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Road Trip: Toddler Adventure Edition

I knew that this trip was going to happen sooner than later, but I was expecting it come summer time. I live in Florida, while my mother lives in Louisiana. We have had an incredibly close bond and I have been lucky enough to have her make her way down to Florida at least every… Continue reading Road Trip: Toddler Adventure Edition

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Date Night In + why it’s so important

It can be easy to let your relationship sit on the back burner at times, especially when life gets busy or you have children. But you must keep feeding and watering your relationship, so it blooms just like a garden. This goes along with self care, your relationship needs to be groomed as well. I… Continue reading Date Night In + why it’s so important

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Baby Bath Products I love + trust

    When I was first finding what would work out for us, I knew I wanted to use products that would be the best for my baby. I tried to use J&J because everyone told me that it was good, and it's what "our parents" used on us. Okay, fair play. I now know… Continue reading Baby Bath Products I love + trust


How To Get Through A Rough Patch

    There's no question, at some point in our lives we have all gone through a 'rough patch'. It may have been by yourself, with your family or with a spouse. I can fully admit that it's been all of the above for me.  If I took a walk down memory lane to give… Continue reading How To Get Through A Rough Patch